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Megsy Jane

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Megsy Jane

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To kick off The Lovebox, we’d love to share with you the first of our favourite Australian independent crafters and online stores: Megsy-Jane. Megsy-Jane brings together vintage and whimsical elements to create stunning pieces of jewellery and adorable accessories. You can find all these lovelies and more at the Megsy-Jane online store.


About the designer:

Kelsey Price is the designer behind the independent handmade jewellery label, Megsy-Jane. Lover of vintage, indie designers & everything handmade, she has a strong passion for creating once-off & limited edition pieces. A self-taught artist, Kelsey relies upon her creative talent & ingenuity to develop new techniques & take her designs from the page to a stunning piece of wearable art. Elements are sourced from around the World, bringing you an inspired collection of pieces unlike any other. Featuring rare, vintage & new components, each piece & collection is designed to the utmost standard, ensuring the quality & lifetime of all our pieces. Our distinct style holds an element of vintage elegance & pure feminine beauty.


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  1. Thank you so much for the feature! What a gorgeous blog & what a lovely surprise :-) xx

  2. Gorgeous! I’ve been lucky enough to see her work in person and it’s really lovely :-)


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