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A New Face & A New Purpose

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A New Face & A New Purpose

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When the idea behind The Lovebox was originally conceived in October of last year, we had thought to bring a new platform for sharing products and news by small businesses and blogs. But really, why give these hardworking independent writers, crafters and designers another thing to manage? They are already working tirelessly to keep their existing websites, Facebooks, Twitters, Pinterests, Google Pluses, email newsletters etc up to date every day. So why not just give them an extra place for publicity without all the work of setting up, uploading and updating? That’s where we come in. There is so much beautiful content on the internet, and we want to share it with everyone. We want to share the gorgeous crafted lovelies, the awesome recipe bloggers, design inspiration websites…We want to share you and your work, your website, and the things that inspire us.

What does this involve? We plan to showcase blogs, websites, online shops, apps, designers, photographers and Etsy contributors that we love for one reason or another. We also plan to feature our very favourites every week. We’ll blog, tweet and pin our finds. We’ll also share and re-tweet your contributions if we love them too! What do we love? Think of The Lovebox as a kindred spirit with the likes of Etsy and Pinterest. We love vintage, we love whimsical, pretty patterns and clever use of colours. If it stops you in your tracks, chances are it’s perfect for The Lovebox.

How can you help The Lovebox grow? You can send your contributions via email, by tweeting us at @TheLoveboxNet with #lovebox, or by posting on our Facebook wall.


The Lovebox Team

Contributed by: The Lovebox Team

The Lovebox shares websites, blogs, apps, online shops, Etsy stores, designers and photographers that we love, so that you can love them too.

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